Contemporary Post-punk/Goth bands and one instance of Industrial/Rock/Metal

Mikael Hansson forums at
Mon Nov 16 14:59:39 CET 2020

In these boring times there’s always nice to get some new music to listen to.

If you’re in to post-punk/goth I stumbled upon a cluster of bands in this genre. <> <> <> <>

Then Comes Silence
Swedish band. Often uptempo and a bit rock’y. <> <>

Wires & Lights
German/Britsh band. Elements of Joy Division/Fields of the Nephilim/New Model Army. <> <>

This Eternal Decay
Italian band, possibly my favs in this mashup. More electronic elements. <> <>

Second album after a 15y hiatus playing in other bands like Marilyn Manson, Jesus Mary Chain, Prodigy etc. <> <>

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