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Soniccouture dan at soniccouture.com
Thu Nov 12 15:27:40 CET 2020

Nice to see Dave Bristow giving the Korg some support there.
I remember an experimental editor he built, maybe in the late 80s or early 90s, in which you could edit FM patches with controls like Brightness, Inharmonicity, etc… ie. musically relevant parameters, instead of the typical operator frequency, level, feedback stuff.
Still waiting for the FM synth that works that way?


> On Nov 12, 2020, at 09:00, Joost Schuttelaar <joost at joostschuttelaar.nl> wrote:
> https://www.korg.com/us/products/synthesizers/opsix/ <https://www.korg.com/us/products/synthesizers/opsix/>
> Whyyyy only 3 octaves and such a limited set of controls? Missed opportunity…
> Dan/Zeb, very curious to hear your thoughts, 20 years we talked about the FS1x which of course never came, what should that look like? :)
> Cheers,

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