was asked to make a more "club" track

tom adam tom.adam at thebigear.be
Sun Nov 1 14:49:44 CET 2020

Here we go:


Song is made with the quantum and an electron ARmk2.
The sweeping and plucking sounds are made on a small eurorack with the 
synthesis technology E520 and E352 as key elements.
Sweeping sound was processed by the E520 pitch shifter sync'ed 
modulated, which resulted in a compressor kind of effect, really cool.
On the plucked sound, a double mono effect of the E520 was used sync'ed 
delay and an LPF. The internal feedback (not sure yet how the rooting 
really works) is amazing together with the LPF.
Both sound use the same 'sound' from the E352. Same wavetable and modi 
operandi, only the modulation was different.

A note on the AR, although I start to get used to the electron way of 
thinking, I do get confused with 'kit' / 'sound' concept. I did come up 
with a more punchy kick, but the patch got lost between sessions.  I 
know it's there somewhere in the machine... I should start looking into 
this overbridging thing.

Anyway, This is a remix, as I didn't like the original. For those 
interested, here's the original: 

As usual, any feedback appreciated!

Stay safe!


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