Pro 3

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Mon Jan 20 11:11:39 CET 2020

> On 19.01.2020, at 18:36, Michael Zacherl <mubar05 at> wrote:
> Haven’t had the time to view more, but just from the look of it I did like the Pro 2’s design better.
> But that’s most likely just me.

This seems like a bit of “Designed by Accountant” kind of problem - they couldn’t re-do a production run of the Pro2 for some reason (parts availability) so they ‘re-designed’ it, slapped another product name on it, and put it out there for the punters who are also buying on the basis of brand recognition, not usability.

Will be interesting to compare the two - friend of mine here in Vienna has a Pro2 and is dead set on getting the Pro3.  Just, you know, to “complete the set”, lol …


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