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Mon Jan 20 11:00:58 CET 2020

>  short answer from me, it's never ok to copy someone's work.. use it as the basis for something, reimagine it, add to it, improve it, but a blatent copy..

Hmm.  Music wouldn’t be what it is today if musicians handn’t been copying each other.  It costs nothing for musicians to copy each others works, and it pushes things forwards.  So I’m not sure things are so absolute, here.

Commercial musicians suffer because their industry is run by non-musicians who seek to wring every single penny out of their victims - the music industry is corporatised mafia, imho.  Musician’s aren’t getting paid fairly, not because people copy their stuff, but because there is an entire industry dedicated to ripping musicians off, and its called “The Music Industry”.

You can’t own sound.  It always slips through your fingers when you try.  You can copy it, though.  That seems to be a natural order of the physical universe, since music is energy.

>  if a company like Moog wants to do a reissue/clone of their own product, that's their call, I don't think it's a good idea, but I don't run Moog.

The only reason I don’t use MOOG also, is because I just can’t afford to build a setup out of their instruments.  So many other, better, cheaper options are available.  And when I see people buying MOOG, its mostly on the basis of brand recognition - not because they know what to do with the instrument.  Sure, the MOOG sound is unique and distinct - but it has been copied to death, in the Eurorack market as well as the workstation/synth segment.  I’m happy that those sounds are available without such a huge investment, personally - it makes it easier for me as a musician to copy the musicians I like, and extend the state of the art by adding my own flavour.

> Korg Copying ARP feels uncomfortable for me, but at least they have sought involvement with some of the original design time, I still wouldn't buy one.

How about that Korg DX7-clone/FM synth, eh?  FREAKY!

>  I do agree with you though, companies have for far too long been failing to innovate, but then, isn't that the same for a lot of music?

Moving to a slightly more positive topic - who do you feel is innovating these days, Paula?  Seeing some great things in your universe that the -bar would gain from knowing about?

My eye is on the ARGON8.  I don’t know how you’re feeling about Modal these days, Paula, and I can understand if its a matter of discord, but I feel like they’re finally making affordable, great instruments.  I have all the budget Modal thingies, and the ARGON8 is going to replace an ol’ Virus I’ve had too long .. so how do you feel about what they’ve done there?


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