Starter Studio Setup for around 1000 USD/EUR?

Romain Xavier xtechcode at
Sun Jan 12 11:13:10 CET 2020

Hi James ! 
You will find below my advices for this range of price… 
Imo, your friend should know  how many inputs he needs for his future soundcard cause  two inputs can  be sometimes limited .


0 Room Treatment ; <> <>

1 Sound card / Midi interface <> <>

2 Midi Keyboard / Synth <>

3 Speakers <> <>

4 DI Box <>

5 Reamp Box <>

6 Microphones <> <>

7 good quality Audio cables. 




> On 12 Jan 2020, at 06:30, James R. Coplin <james at> wrote:
> So, a long time family friend's son is in high school now and starting to want to put together a setup for recording. He has a bass guitar and the DAW sorted but is looking to stretch out with synth, drum machine etc. I had a hard time making concrete recommendations beyond a couple because I have reached a point where budget and versatility considerations do not really inform my studio any longer. His need is obviously for maximal efficiency and utility for a limited budget. So, if you had around thousand us dollars or euros, what would your most bang for the buck studio setup be? The setup must include a midi controller or synth that could function as one, powered monitors, and a drum machine of some sort. Plugins are an option as is physical hardware and he doesn't seem to have a preference one way or another. He views this setup as being for recording at home and not for playing out. Thoughts?
> James
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