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 Thanks Jay, super helpful.
Some notes from me:
0. Yup, read ups also point out the district formation.  And of course we are staying in district 1 :-)  Hotel Imperial is where we are lodging, as that's close to the couple of shows that we've scored tickets for, a Mozart opera (for Lisa) and a Schubert performance (for moi).  
[ btw, I just have to say that I have been madly into Franz Schubert for a year now, and am always amazed by his music.  Between him and Debussy, it's a tough competition for fav composer on my list, but Schubert may win at the end of the day :-) ]

1.  We are huge city walkers and love roaming around on foot....
2. All sorted for music.  Haven't checked out any venues for my taste of electronic stuff.
3. Naschmarkt is on our list, and we have a few dinner reservations already booked in the various districts.
4. Shoot, we're going to miss the 17th gig as we get in on the 18th :( I'll ping when I get in and go from there.
5. I think for the shot amount of time we are there we may be good for things to do: music and food sorted, it would be just great to hook up and go from there.
I'll call when we get settled and we can meet.  Hoping Mr. Zacheri can join too.
I'll bring my OP-Z along just in case :-)
Cheers, and thanks again for the list.
- m o H s e n

    On Monday, October 14, 2019, 06:07:21 AM PDT, Jay Vaughan <ibisum at> wrote:  
Lisa and I are thinking of a quick visit to Vienna in October for a little anniversary celebration.  Thinking of hitting those of you who are there, and also try to make it to one or two classical gigs :-). 
Looking for recommendations on hoods to check out, food scene, shopping :-).
Dates are tentatively Oct 18-21.

p.s. what’s the best ticket outlet for classical or opera shows?

Okay, I wanted to give some time to this, but I realised I am probably leaving it a little late, so here goes .. 
First, I’ve sent you my phone # privately - call me when you get settled in town and we’ll get together somewhere friendly for a catchup.
In Vienna, there are a few key things you should know:
0. Vienna is organised into districts, and you would be advised to have a look at the Vienna district map here and orient yourself to which districts are in your vicinity when you know where you’re staying:  I live out past the 21st district, just outside of Vienna, but am in the city every day for work, and on the weekends for studio/workshop time as well.  Anyway, its not a problem for me to meet you almost anywhere in Vienna.
1. Its a great city for just taking public transportation to anywhere you want to go.  You can buy 24-hour tickets, meaning you can use any public transportation within the city without worry, or you can buy a set of single-use trip tickets - up to you, but I figure you’ll get far with the 24-hour tickets, which cost 8eu each.  Remember: you can just hop on the trams/trains/buses, you don’t need to present your ticket on entry - but if you get asked for a ticket and don’t have one, you’ll get an immediate fine which they will probably try to convince you to pay, in cash, on the spot.  Get the 24-hour tickets, they represent the best bang for the buck (8euro for 24 hours).
2. Concerts: Vienna is a city of music and I’m sure we’ll find something you’re interested in .. but its a bit difficult to know what you will like until we go through the list.  You have many, many options for operas/musicals/concerts - best is to get here and find something you like, then head to a ticket vendor and find a good deal.  
3. The entire inner city (1st District) is very tourism-friendly - in fact where I work in the 1st, there are hardly ever any Austrians on the streets, but rather endless streams of tourists .. so you can explore the 1st district and get along pretty well.  However, Vienna is a great city when you’re not a tourist as well, and there are some great districts to walk around in and soak up the Vienna vibe - from the 7th to the 18th to the 3rd districts, there are tons of little streets and cafes to explore, and some great markets too - Naschmarkt in the 7th and the Brunnenmarket in the 17th.  
4. As far as music/jamming - the exhibition that I’m a part of, at the Villa Schapira (where I have a workshop) is having the ‘closing party’ on the 17th - if you guys are in town and feel up to it, I highly recommend you join that party as there are some wild hijinks planned by the rest of the artist community in the Villa.  If that’s too soon - no worries, we can still meet at my workshop and see what’s happening, or we can go to my studio and jam too - whatever you would prefer.  Lets just try to plan it when you’ve settled in and arrived.
5. We can build a list of cool things to do: MQ, 1st District, open-mic nights at a local club, Bellvedere, Schönbrunn etc.  Part of this depends where you are staying - do you have those details yet?  If you can tell me, I can maybe put together a local list of sites to see .. 

Mr. Zacherl - you around this weekend?  We should definitely try to get us all in the room together, eh?  :)
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