Speaker advice/non-near field, for jamming

Joost Schuttelaar joost at joostschuttelaar.nl
Sat Oct 5 12:42:36 CEST 2019

Hey -bar! Looking for some advice.

On my desk I’m using the Equator D8s, which I’m generally very happy with. But this is for mixing, whilst sitting down in front of the computer.

When playing, my synths and gear is all over the room, and of course you’re not sitting in the sweet spot for the speakers. In fact, most of the time you would listen to them completely indirectly (the desk is 1/3rds of the room right now).

So I’ve been thinking, just get another set of not too expensive monitor speakers, aim them in the direction of the ‘play’ area and be happy. But what about the near-field effect? You would be moving through the room and generally be meters away of them.

So are studio monitors a good choice for a jam room?

The room is 7*4 meters, 2.6M high. The ceiling has nice long beams which help with dispersing the sound, the wood floor has rockwool underneath.

I see a couple of options:

* Some simple co-axial speakers on a stand, like the Fluid Audio FX8. Only 337 euros a set. Co-axial to ensure that there is not a small sweet spot.
* Some semi mid-fields, the Kali Audio IN-8 speakers. More price, 800 euro's a pair. Co-axial 1-4 inch plus an 8 inch woofer.
* Floor standing Hifi speakers with a class D-amp?
* Powered floor monitors, like the Behringer F1220D Eurolive (278 euros a set). The crazy SPL’s these can provide I won’t use though, since this is a connected brick house from 1885 :)
* Four Behringer K5/K6’s, one in each corner, and a K10 sub to provide some low end?

Very curious to hear your thoughts :)



Joost Schuttelaar
The Hague, NL

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