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Nice one Marek, very cool to see your clean, fresh space and I look forward
to hearing what you'll get up to with it!

What I can tell you about REAPER - be sure to get the SWS Extensions, and
as well the ReaPack extensions too..

ReaPack adds a repository-like interface for adding new features in the
forms of ReaScript/Lua plugins released by the REAPER community.  REAPER is
an immensely powerful DAW because of the exposure of the interfaces that
allow all these kinds of extensions to be written - of course, you don't
need SWS and ReaPack to be productive, but believe me - you'll definitely
enjoy diving into the repo and seeing the things people have made.

Another thing - the ? key is your friend.  Pretty much the most used key in
REAPER, at least at the beginning - it allows you to search through the
immense list of custom REAPER actions to find something you might not know
about, starting out.  I pretty much depend on ? to find features.  After a
little while browsing the Action List, you'll start to get a picture for
just how powerful this open-ended DAW really is ..

And of course - video tutorials .. the "REAPER Blog" and "REAPER Mania"
channels on Youtube are awesome, and I've easily spent 48 hours watching
these tutorials to get me up to speed on the basics.  And, like I might've
mentioned, its very important to 'unlearn' some of the bad habits that
other DAW's may have forced on you - REAPER has unlimited tracks and
plugins and routing capabilities, every track can have multiple media types
(you can mix MIDI and Audio on one track if you want to) - but be sure to
at least watch some of the basic tutorials on how to do FX/Plugin and buss
routing in REAPER.  It is extremely powerful, but you do need to
 understand one thing: Infinite tracks, infinite plugins, infinite routing
flexibility.  Folder tracks are your friend!  Because of this infinite
power, tracks at first might 'seem' to be underpowered or somehow not as
'flexible' as the other DAW's - but this is definitely not true.  I don't
think any other DAW has the flexibility that REAPER does when it comes to
routing and I/O busses .. although the only other DAW I've had production
experience with lately, is Pro Tools in the pro studio where I'm currently
involved, and Studio One, which I have abandoned even though it came with
my mixer.

Automation Items: holy fuck, this feature is just so cool:

Another thing I think you should know: the plugins and effects that REAPER
comes with, appear to be very, very basic - but don't let the basic UI fool
you - underneath these plugins, you will find immense power.
ReaSampleOmatic, for example, seems to be a very basic sampler - but it can
be pushed into doing some pretty powerful stuff.  I guess the point is,
don't discount the built-in tools just because the interface is very simple
- most other DAW's dress things up to compete in the "shiny things" market
that is the modern MI/DAW segment ...  but REAPER, being essentially free
to use, doesn't have to sell itself on the basis of a fancy/sexy UI since
its processing capabilities are very powerful indeed.  And if you need a
sexier UI - REAPER is customisable like no other.  Use the ReaPack tool to
find some of the UI customisations that others have made, and be prepared
to be astounded at just how far this DAW can be pushed.  Be *SURE* you
explore the "Options -> Layouts" sub-menu.  This subtle sub-menu will
transform REAPER multiple times over, right before your eyes.  I use and
strongly recommend the layout described in this tutorial, which is all
about doing your first MIDI project in REAPER but includes a layout setup
step that I think is really awesome: .. plus Kenny is just an
amusing guide through REAPER, also .. ;)

(Additional bonus: don't forget that you can edit video with REAPER too -
check this badass tutorial out:


On Wed, May 1, 2019 at 9:51 PM James R. Coplin <james at> wrote:

> I’ve been on Cubase for ages. Was a beta tester for the original PC
> release but lately I’m finding I like it less and less and have been
> looking at Reaper more seriously lately. Let us know how you get on with it.
> James R Coplin
> On May 1, 2019, at 2:25 PM, Marek Szulen <mszulen at> wrote:
> Hi
> After some time, I'm restarting my home studio (still some furniture works
> ahead of me), but I've finally made a choice of the DAW.
> I've went for Reaper
> Jay - you're guilty, if anyone asks ;) haha
> Now, I need to figure out, how to use it (I'm former Logic user - but due
> to the age of my Mac, I've had to find some PC software).
> Marek
> Venray, NL
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