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>> On 23 Mar 2019, at 14:44, Joost Schuttelaar <joost at> wrote:
>> There will be a remembrance gathering in Café Loburg (Wageningen) on Friday the 5th of April, in the afternoon. The same place where Gert had his music party, back in 2013.
> Folks, I’m in! Managed (and I didn’t believe this would work) to move lectures on Fri.
> See you there!

Nice! :) will be good to see you again. Jay and Romain are coming too. Let’s see if we can plan something for Friday. There is a stereo input for audio and projection screen.

Gert’s cremation ceremony was really short but emotionally intense. Some nice music, a little poetry, a song w/guitar written for Gert, and of course a few talks. All with pictures of Gert’s life running in the background. This included some nice music-bar moments.

Afterwards we had a wine/beer in the pub close to his home. Rolf (who is lurking here) was at the ceremony as well of course. Really good to catch up and share the sadness.

Here’s a picture of Gert’s coffin, draped/surrounded with the things he loved:



Joost Schuttelaar
The Hague, NL

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