cash to spend...

tom adam tom.adam at
Wed Mar 13 21:13:57 CET 2019

I've got some cash to spend so I decided to get something new.

Been looking at some synth currently on the market, can't make up my mind...

So this is my 'requirements' list:

- 2000€ max
- don't care if it's mono or poly, as long as the sound is awesome
- keys or module, don't care
- not roland brand (although I do like the JD-XA...)
- prefer lot's of knobs, or at least easy to edit
- should be good in : evolving, special weird, soundscape sounds
- don't care if it has pads, string, drum kind of sounds
- internal effects not a must
- Sequencer not a must

So far this is what already dropped of the list:
Peak: a friend has one, so if I need it I go play with it there. ALso, 
don't like the overall sound. Love the interface though.
Deepmind: played it, hated it, end of story.
Kingkorg / MODX / Korg Kross-Krome : not looking for this kind of synth
Per4mer and Analog4: they don't gel with me.

Currently the Moog Subsequent 37 is on the top of my list! I also like 
the P12, but not too sure about the interface...
There's the Rev2 and the Proloque both 16 voices, good interface, but 
they sound vanilla to me when it comes down to evolving, special weird, 
soundscape sounds.

So, what synth would you pick?



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