Cloud Backups for Music Library

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> Having to work on a daily basis, designing apps that run on the cloud, it's interesting to see how far the notion of computing as a commodity and service has come along.  That convenience factor for the backup solution seems very attractive.
> My worst case scenarios doing it DIY style is having the secondary devices go bad on you, or be affected by acts of nature and other accidental losses.

I think a lot of it has to do with how much bandwidth you have access to in SF .. I mean, its out the wazoo.  But a lot of the world is still struggling at speeds akin to those we had in the 90’s ..

You could always get 3 or 4 backup devices, and be 3x more confident that you won’t lose everything. ;)  I mean, I’ve seen clouds go down and leave companies in mass crises modes where, if they’d only had a physical hard-drive backup, they’d not have lost millions of dollars on the event.  That shit still happens, and regularly enough in my world that the cloud is not the first line of defense, imho - or at least, it shouldn’t be.

But sure, if you’ve got the bandwidth and its economical - "the cloud" can be an interesting solution to the problem you are trying to solve: easy access, cheap, available anywhere you have a good network connection.  I  just don’t believe its been a good paradigm for computing in general, however.  We’ve got overpriced dumb terminals which get upgraded every year as a result of it.  Good for business, but not necessarily always the user, who have been suckered into it many times, because they don’t know how to do things differently.  Rsync may be out of scope, but ownCloud isn’t that big a reach ..


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