Synth repair info requested

Gert van Santen g.vansanten at
Sat Oct 15 10:39:16 CEST 2016

Op 15-10-2016 om 9:11 schreef Peter Korsten:
> Op 15-10-2016 om 01:16 schreef Gert van Santen:
>> Perhaps, bit it's the stereo output, as well as the headphone
>> output that have this exact same problem...
> Are you sure it's not the cable? :)

Hehe, that was my first thought. So I tried different ones :-)

> So is it that one channel of the L/R outputs isn't working, and
> the exact same channel on the headphones isn't working either? Or
> is it something else?

That is exactly the problem.


gert van santen

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