So ..

K9 Kai Niggemann canine at
Mon Jun 27 14:12:04 CEST 2016

Nice to read about all the activity on the bar. 

The large collective I play with, "The Dorf" will play a small tour (just two gigs) in July, to hamburg and the festival "Zappanale", then I'll probably play in southern Austria (Styria) with Mia Zabelka. 

Then I'll have a summer break before the second half of the year looks quite busy. The Dorf will play a four day festival in four cities, four times, I will play with an electronic trio called "the last books", will release a tape with modular synthesist nils Quak on a label called Ana Ott, from Germany and play a few release gigs here and there. 

Then there are a few more gigs lined up that might still fall through -- all in all I'm very psyched how things are going. 

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