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Op 24-6-2016 om 11:00 schreef Jay Vaughan (ibisum):
> .. everyone feeling motivated to write music today?  :P
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Haven't written any music in quite some time, but our old band, 
"Viermansterk" (with Perry) is back together and rehearsing. We 
did one gig a couple of months ago, which I mentioned at the 
time. Hopefully we'll be giging starting September/October :-)

Last Saturday I did a gig with Black Terrace. Some of you might 
remember them from the rehearsal room we used, while preparing 
for the party in Wageningen, a couple of years ago.

I was asked to do visuals for projection on a screen. I also did 
some audio-mastering, plus live mixing and recording (4-tracks on 
a Zoom R16: 2 trax from the board and 2 others with a Rode NT400 
stereo mike).

I'm sure there will be audio and images put online in the coming 
days/weeks. I included a pic for an impression.



gert van santen
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