New Track: All the Things

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Mon Jun 13 21:43:54 CEST 2016

Thanks Jay and all for listening..

For sure Jay - not one a track that either of us is super flipped about and it was honestly only ever going to be a live track.  We liked the idea of having some tracks that were very simple, indeed, too simple to pass off as proper tracks, just for playing live.  But, 2 years down the line and we have 3 or so "live tracks", no gigs and not released anything in the last 24 months  :)

Hopefully we are back on track for finishing stuff and putting them out..

Thanks again all..


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> Always great to hear a new punkdisco track!
> Not as sassy as your previous works, but stompin’ nevertheless.  I could use a
> bit more up-front energy from Leah, she doesn’t seem to have gotten her
> hook in on this track like so many times before.  I think this also shows in the
> composition a little.
> Keep ‘em coming, we’re real fans here!
> ;
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