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Sat Jun 11 23:42:35 CEST 2016

Hi guys!

Romain was curious:

> Will it be possible to see the translation of the lyrics somewhere ? I m curious

OK, here we go. The terminology might be a bit off in places, but you should get the idea :-)

It took a long time
From the request to participate to the final decision
The offer took over a man-year to make
Team boundaries were crossed, it was a joint effort

Work is not handed out to you, you earn it
and we’re working on
We’re all working hard on 
the Vantaa case

We put a price on
change categories and our scrum masters
continuous services and all our other processes
And we offered way over our capacity

But we got the PoC and we sprinted
with maximum focus
in the back room
in the Vantaa case

(6 x 2-day sprints)

The tendering is over
Cerion is victorious
in the Vantaa case

(Henkka is swinging his arms x 4)



> On 30 May 2016, at 22:20, Kim Johnsson <johnssonkim at> wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> A slightly humorous Ultravox-cover. A couple of tweaks from done, then it’s SoundCloud. So World Premiere for you guys :-)
>> Anybody here happy with their singing voice, by the way?
>> Enjoy,
>> Kim
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