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Peter Korsten peter at
Wed Jun 1 08:19:11 CEST 2016

Hi Kim,

> Thanks :-) I’m going to re-sing it with slightly different lyrics, so 
> I might try to add some % while I’m doing it, but I’m not really an 
> “emotional singer”, youknowwhatahmsayin…the effects on the vocals are 
> also there for a reason :- 

Dude, you're Finnish. Don't they have laws against expressing emotion in 
your country? ;-)

>> As for the vocals: what the fuck is that about? :)
> Oh, nothing much. Means nothing to me :-)

Ha! :-)

> Actually, it’s for work. We just won a public tender which took us more than a year of work, and the song summarizes the stages in the process. And in the end, we are Victorious. Contracts will be signed on friday, and then I’ll unleash the song on my unsuspecting colleagues. Or on monday.

If we read about a firearm-related incident in Finland, we all know why. :-)

> Wives just don’t get it :-) On the other hand, I do feel for anyone witnessing my voice breaking when I try to sing either loud or high. Trying both the same time is cringeworthy.

Actually, if you manage to belt, singing louder means you can go higher 
as well. It takes a little bit of practising, but it's doable. There are 
some instructional videos on YouTube.

- Peter

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