Yamaha do it again ..

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Fri Jul 22 21:03:43 CEST 2016

I certainly don't have a ton of experience with everything but Yamaha gear always had a weird way of working that I did not get along with. It felt like you had to fight with it to do something cool and not cheese. Then all those Roland groove boxes uhggggg. 

Yamaha also made the worst promo video possible, I wonder what world they live in? 
Also if you look hard enough you will see Joost got the keyboard of his dreams. 

> On Jul 21, 2016, at 4:52 PM, Peter Korsten <peter at severity-one.com> wrote:
> Op 21-7-2016 om 22:11 schreef Andrew Tarpinian:
>> Uhhhhh makes me shudder.... I hate most 90's gear (maybe not 100% but.)
> Yamaha's AN1x, EX5, and VL1; Korg Prophecy and Z1; Kawai K5000... just off the top of my head.
>> Everything was just baaaaaaad presets.
> Fair enough. The presets of the K5000 were dire, one reason why I didn't get one.
>> I do have that Yamaha SU700 in the closet. Wonder what would happen if I sampled a minimoog into it? :)
> It would have to come out of the closet.
> - Peter
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