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Thank you Micke (I am a bit late again) 
I thought on  the first secondes during listening "yeah cool" but “hmm  no" … I feel some shakira stuff which my biological-Ear firewall excluded for some reasons...
in few words …  it is not enough melancholic for me (musically + voice, video clips are ok but they re not my stuff. )… 
So it seems that I stuck  with Fever ray and some Kite songs ;) but I am very happy with them, :P
since you shown me Kite  at Joost place… I was digging around some songs but it seems i only like the darkest ones … 
I do not remember what Jay think about True color tho … ( first link below and more if you guys wanted)



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> A norwegian band I also saw at the festival, Highasakite. 
> /Micke
> (ps. Jay and Romain, I think you will at least find bits of it interesting :) )
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