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Hi Kim


> So you would recommend it even if I don’t have any NI software? I have the V Collection, and my current in-front-of-me 

> MIDI controller is the CME xKey 37, and I’d like something with a bit more…everything.


Ah, this is tricky..  My Pros/Cons for the S61 are:


Pro’s General (score +40)

1)      Its sexy

2)      Scale is quite useful (Kontrol software only)

3)      Arp is quite useful (Kontrol software only)

4)      Transport actually works (never used transport on any controller before as too cumbersome) 

5)      Mapping out to external hardware is pretty good. I have done this with Emu Orbit and whilst its not great, its certainly no worse than most controllers

6)      Mapping other VSTs works pretty well.


Pro’s V Collection (score +20)

1)      The preset browsing works really well. Its far better than I remember their own controller

2)      The plugins are mapped really well


Pro’s NI Komplete (score +40)

1)      The preset browsing works really well.  You REALLY will do this from the hardware as its quicker than using the mouse. This applies to VCollection also btw..

2)      The plugins are mapped really well

3)      The light show add BIG benefits to lots of the plugins.  For example, I have always missed Battery as it has felt inaccessible for the last 5 years (Mashine and others have overtaken it),  But with the S61, Battery is now once again my go-to drum sample tool.


Con’s (score -15)

1)      I think it needs more knobs or sliders

2)      The custom devices is not particularly great.

3)      Its expensive


Because Im a twat, I given my comments a score out of 100 so


Total for me = 40 + 20 + 40 – 15 = 85%


So, for me it scores 85% which is higher than any other controller Ive used.  But if I did not have Komplete, the score would only be 45% in terms of value to me.


45% for non-Komplete users sounds quite poor but its not supposed to..  You will still get the free version on Komplete (whatever that’s called) and the Kontrol software so that will bump up the score to say 55%.


In summary: for Komplete users its almost vital.  For non-Komplete users the decision becomes quite tricky..




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