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…the latest album by the Editors: <> <>

Really a positive surprise. I listened to their first two albums when they were new but never really got stuck. If you know about them you know they had a (large) bit of Joy Division legacy shining through but they have really found their sound.

I saw them at a festival I attended last week, where I also was overwhelmed by Rammstein’s show :)

Other things I liked was Biffy Clyro, a Scottish alt rock band. Sort of Foo Fighters blended with some Porcupine Tree.
If you’re into that kind of music check out their three last albums (there’s also a new one coming this Friday):

Puzzle <> <>

Only Revolutions <> <>

Opposites <> <>

On a more electronic note, check out De/Vision’s latest album ’13’, one of my current favorites: <> <>

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