Guess what....

tom adam tom.adam at
Fri Dec 16 22:30:27 CET 2016

We got all excited today because of great news concerning an album 
(soundtrack actually) we're working on, and than this happens....

It is a Friday evening jam recording, but not part of the 'back to the 
roots' series.
Probably those among you that don't dig our 'back to the roots' series, 
might like this...

Will clean it up a bit as I'm not a big fan of the reverb on the 'noisy' 
sound. Any other comments / improvements welcome.

Me guitar and noisy sound
C4 drums and bass sound (on the JD-990 controlled by a JD-800; great fun 
Ax47 efx, drums and synth sound intermezzo
PJ doing a tattoo thingy in the background



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