JMJ Oxygene 3

Peter Korsten peter at
Mon Dec 12 22:51:21 CET 2016

Op 12-12-2016 om 21:43 schreef Rom MUSIC BAR:
> So remember  :  Never let any one close your front door with pigeons inside !!!

That is sound advice if I've ever heard it. :)

What's also funny is working in a building where they're removing 
asbestos. What they do is seal off the area they're working on, and then 
they install a filter that keeps that area under low pressure, so that 
no asbestos can escape. The filter is the size of a car engine, and 
blows the filtered air out of the working area, which causes a very loud 
noise, like a vacuum cleaner, but much louder.

It was pointed straight at our office's door for a couple of weeks.

- Peter

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