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I still buy some albums..but only the absolute favorites.  I stream a lot...kind of a streaming junky, to be honest.

I also have found a few good radio programs that are from all over the country that I listen to through the internet.  There are some interesting programs out there.   Finding them is hard!


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I still buy albums these days.... The latest ones have been from: Marconi Union, The Orb, A Tribe Called Quest, and Max Cooper, to name just a few.


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Project Pitchfork: A bit ups and downs, absolute fav is Quantum Mechanics (2011). Continuum Ride (2010) and  Dream Tiresias! (2009) is also nice.

FLA: Echogenetic (2013) is a good one, not so much into the other stuff.

Some other stuff to check out based on your request:
Swedish Cryo has a nice vibe of Portion Control. Check out Retropia (2014).

Dead When I Found Her is one of my current favorites. Check out Rag Doll Blues (2012) and All The Way Down (2015), they are both 10 out of 10. The just released Eyes On Backwards (2016) is just an 8 but there are some really nice tracks on it.

Mindless Faith's Just Defy (2012) is a strong one.

Necro Facility's album Wintermute (2011) was voted as best Industrial album of 2011.

At least something to start with. Then there's about 1000 other bands with loose ties to the genre but now I have to go watch a movie with the family :-)


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> I rarely buy albums these days.
> I do buy albums from belgium bands mostly after I've seen them gig. SO I noticed I'm a little behind on a couple of band I used to follow.
> SO what should I get from Project Pitchfork, Front line assembly, Wumpscut and alikes? Or have these bands been transformed in another tax write off? They used to be fun in the 90's though, but maybe I'm just getting too old for this sh*t, but than they should too.
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