JMJ Oxygene 3

Peter Korsten peter at
Thu Dec 8 12:47:57 CET 2016

Op 8-12-2016 om 11:46 schreef Joost Schuttelaar:
> Have to agree. I listened to it, but, wow, this is simply not good at all. It actually makes me think, perhaps Oxygene 1 is not that great either, and it’s just my nostalgia forming my opinion (since Oxygene belongs to the first music I’ve listened to in my life).

Oxygène is a good album, but has never been my favourite. Equinoxe, now 
that's quite something. The ethereal first track is one of the best 
album intros I've ever heard, and the entire album is vibrant and 
vivacious. His earlier work is definitely the best, but he lost the plot 
when he started experimenting -Zoolook being an exception- and following 
trends rather than setting them.

I've heard one track so far of Oxygène 3 (#13?) and it's just... meh.

- Peter

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