JMJ Oxygene 3

Peter Korsten peter at
Wed Dec 7 08:17:14 CET 2016

Op 6-12-2016 om 22:11 schreef Marek Szulen:
> If you don’t want to get the esthetic heart attack (in the negative sense) - don’t listen to electronica albums.
> They’re not much better than Teo&Tea….

Yeah, but that's not really the point, is it?

> p.s. I didn’t knew that Geometry of love is not on sale anymore. If not mistaken (can’t see it from here) my copy was signed by JMJ some time ago, when I’ve been giving him a copy of my albums :)

I've got the Rendez-Vous 4 CD-single that was especially issued to be 
autographed by him, the day after the Paris 1995 concert. He had quite a 
bit of a hangover. :-)

- Peter

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