No interesting news from the Musikmesse in Frankfurt?

Peter Korsten peter at
Mon Apr 11 23:22:16 CEST 2016

Op 11-4-2016 om 17:38 schreef Andrew Tarpinian:
> I think Jordan R. Just peed on himself a little.
> There's a new sheriff in town.

Having followed this list for close to 20 years, there have been a lot 
of "alternative controllers" that came and went, and my reaction to them 
ranged from "meh" to "yawn". Hexagonal layouts, matrices of lights, 
little boxes that you can somehow connect... whatever.

The Seaboard Rise is the first one that seriously piqued my interest. In 
the right hands –which, unfortunately, implies someone other's, not 
mine– it can bring out amazing things. And even though it's twice the 
price of a conventional controller of the same size, it doesn't seem 
preposterously expensive.

The one thing left for them to do is issue a 37-key keytar version.

Incidentally, what's that controller/device above the keyboard?

- Peter

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