Andrew Tarpinian andrewtarpinian at
Tue Apr 5 22:46:23 CEST 2016

Got this little guy the other day. Pretty much does what it says on the box. I have a Sub37 so familiar with the sound, though it is a rarity to have a high pass Moog filter. The sequencer is nice though it’s a little bit of a button memorizer, quite a few shift functions for even the basics, same on the Sub37 though - but with that one the sequencer is kind of hacking the preset buttons. Got to say though one of my favorite sounds so far - sequencer going, sustain off and short decay on amp and filter env going through a nice reverb, really gorgeous sound. LFO goes into audio range. 

I don’t think anyone could go wrong buying one. If you have eurorack you get a nice standalone voice to integrate, or the ability to add a Moog Osc and Filter on their own into your patches. If you have a Sub37 or other recent Moog synth it will make a nice 3rd Osc. If you want a cheapish desktop Moog with a lot of expandability well this is it. Do keep in mind it is a basic voice. It almost could be described as a utility synth. 

The tier thing is very tempting and creates a little Moog workstation, but price gets up there rather quick. 

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