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The FM and the Sample are both really cool. Very old school digital vibe. I used to have sp-1200 for a minute ($3k now a days :() Sample reminds me of that, though it can’t sample. The motion seq on FM is great, velocity slider almost acts like a filter.

Both sound really good and old, makes me wish there was an electribe filled with this old tech, I have both the new ones and they are cool, but a little too focused on shiny easy modern sounds hit production machines.

Someone get Paul M on this - old school shitty sampling, FM synths, 8 track seq, analog filters and overdrive/compressor with lots of noise, cv/midi/scsi/SD/USB. Call it “Layer of Dust” While we're at it can it have a cassette recorder for doing mixdowns?

Now that I think of if RYTM can kinda fill some of this, but you have to import samples.

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>> > Now, just ordered
>> > So cool how you can send patches from a dx7 at the end of this video, I don't have a dx7 but shows the compatibility. 
>> > http://youtu.be/4e62oSG6VEw <http://youtu.be/4e62oSG6VEw>
>> Sexy sexy time!!
>> After trying a few FM’s over the years, I’ve found my current “ultimate FM” synth in the PreenFM2.  Whilst the PreenFM kicks butt in every respect, even I’m interested in the Volca and I’m sure I’ll get one at some stage..
> I’ve look at it multiple times, but not really a builder.
> This one is pretty cool too http://busycircuits.com/alm011/ <http://busycircuits.com/alm011/>
>> The only thing I can see missing from the Volca FM is multiple operator wave forms.  Is this indeed limited to just Sine waves or have I missed something?  It’s been so long since I’ve had a Sine wave only FM synth, I don’t even know how big a deal it is.  Is it a limitation or do alternative operator wave forms make little difference in FM??
> I don’t know actually with the Volca (I’m happy with this just being a DX7 clone,) but multiple waveforms make a big difference. In the Reface DX because they are easily variable, gives it a filter like quality. Also in FM8 they are a huge deal if you are making aggressive modern sounds.

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