Collaborating with Splice?

Nigel Kersten nigel at
Sun May 24 23:27:37 CEST 2015

This is my referral link:

and so far I've only been experimenting with one other person, but I quite
like it so far.

Basically it's a web-based project sync for audio DAWs, but the thing I
like the best is the fact you're essentially getting a commit log a la
version control with it. Easy to send messages to other folks describing
what you did.

It's not perfect, I'm finding I'm having to export and manually sync more
patches for my virtual instruments than I do when working on my own, but
it's pretty nice and automatic to be honest.

I don't expect it to be as clever as git with resolving merge conflicts,
but I'm not sure that's possible without converting our DAWs to create hash
commits of every action....
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