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I used to do a LOT of sampling.  My first sampler was an Ensoniq Mirage rack mount I found for $200 in a guitar shop's junk pile.  It sounded great, but it was maddeningly hard to use (all programmed using HEX codes).  It had, I think, 256kb of RAM and could store, at most, 8 samples?  Loading from floppy disks was HELL. 
Eventually I replaced it with an EMU Emax II.  This had 2mb of RAM and I thought I had gone to heaven!  It could store up to 128 samples and had an LCD (2x16) for editing.  It was amazing.  I had that sampler for about 3 or 4 years before moving up to an Emu E64 that had 64mb of Ram in it.  I've actually got an E6400 in my rack to this day, though I don't use it much (the whir of the fan and SCSI drive inside means I keep it turned off most of the time).  I've also got a Kurzweil K2500RS in the same rack.  I really should do a study on their use, as they were the pinacles (in my opinion) of sampling. 
Two samplers I do use all the time are the Elektron Octatrack and my Akai MPC1000. I don't actually sample much with the MPC, but the Octatrack is in constant use.  Probably the greatest 'fuck shit up' sampler ever made. 
In a lot of ways, the modern DAW has made the hardware sampler redundant.  99% of what you could do in one can be done in a computer with a significantly better UI.  The first album I was a part of recording was done before DAWs using a Roland VS880 for vocals and then a Kurzweil K2000R and Akai MPC2000.  We used a Yamaha Promix 01 so we could automate our mix.  We orchestrated everything using Logic (before it was Logic Audio - it could only do MIDI).  It worked, but it was terribly, terribly inconvenient. 
Still...I should dust off the old hardware boxes in the closet and see what use they could be.  At the lease, i am sure they both have sounds on their hard drives I haven't heard in 5 or 10 years.  That alone could be worth the look. 

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Wow, this is really inspiring:
Jay Vaughan
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