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Duh, just use your TR-8 for now ; I

> On May 15, 2015, at 10:21 AM, Tony Scharf <tony.scharf at> wrote:
> After 4 years of pretty reliable service, my MOTU 2408mkIII audio interface has developed some interesting issues (the mic channels on the front do odd things, the LCD is unreadable and it keeps disconnecting from the PC).   I want to get it serviced, but being in the middle of a project (always how it is) I still need something to record and playback audio with...
> I'd like to find something smaller and more portable.  I really only need 4 inputs (at least 2 mic inputs) and 2 outputs is fine. I don't use it for in the box mixing.   Something that could maybe work with my iPad Air would also be pretty cool.
> What's the bar using?
> Tony
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