New suitcase

Mikael Hansson forums at
Sat May 2 18:33:29 CEST 2015

> On 2 maj 2015, at 17:43, James Coplin <james at> wrote:
> Absolutely love mine. I've owned two originals in the past (mki and mkii). Ignore the haters, sounds really close and great to me.

From the demos I’ve heard, it’s really a hair splitting difference. Its sounds nice, that’s all that matters to me :-)

Sure, I’d liked a full size keyboard instead but it’s ok to play the mini keys.

If they’d listen to me I’d tell them to do a full size keyboard, add preset memories, velocity control and a fx unit, all things does not have to be like before :-)

But as it is it’s a great sounding synthesizer :-)


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