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Gert van Santen g.vansanten at
Tue Mar 17 20:39:39 CET 2015

ibi sum schreef op 17-3-2015 om 20:33:
>> Got one too: no gear for the time being.
> I’ve got all the gear I could ever need also.  Plus, I have a really decent iPad-based portable music setup these days, which I confess to being a bit more interested in playing with than the ‘real hardware’.  That’s sort of a conundrum for me, of course .. but the saving grace of it all is that the boys are getting interested in it .. so I’ll probably be turning it over to them sooner or later.

I love the possibilities of the iPad too. Awesome to play with 
gear you might probably never own in real life (lik old Oberheim, 
Korg Polysix, Moog, Waldorf, PPG, Prophet) on such a small 
machine :-)


gert van santen

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