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Tue Mar 17 16:57:24 CET 2015

Thanks - I don't do raw sounds much :-) I think Joost's track is much
closer to the spirit of the rules than mine is (I took no snares or
cowbells to mean crotales and tympai were ok!), but I had fun making it, so
I won't be too disappointed if Minitaur doesn't want it, although I could
try swapping out the 303 sounds, turning down the reverbs and making it fit
the spirit of the rules more - I'd like to hear more stuff that fits the
Minitaur style before I had a go though, I haven't really got a handle on
the sound the rules are trying to make me do. Can point us to
some tracks that would fit in?

Having said that, I'll probably also do another version that breaks the
rules completely and takes it where I want it to go, I think the track
wants to be more retro and longer, with a big snare rush out of a long
breakdown, Hardfloor style.

Speaking of rules, this (and my RPM track) exist partly due to my new self
enforced GAS rule: No new gear or software may be purchased unless the
previous purchase has been used on a completed track. "Quotes" was my first
use of Valhalla Vintage Verb (which is gorgeous, it does that classic 80s
Lexicon stuff beautifully, makes everything sound more interesting, and is
good complement to Valhalla Room's perfect effortless placing of things in
space), which means was allowed to get ABL2 for Reason (the 303 clone
that's used on Bridge Princess), and this one unlocks the ability to buy
something new, possibly a Teenage Engineering OP-12/14/16, but by the time
you've added the case to tone of those, you're nearly at the price of a
Volca... decisions, decisions!

- Andy_R

On 17 March 2015 at 15:26, Gert van Santen <g.vansanten at> wrote:

> Andrew Robinson schreef op 17-3-2015 om 12:10:
>> hmm, not sure if that was a publicly visible link... if not, try
>> this one for a dose of acidic bleeps:
>> - Andy_R
> Nice track. I like the raw sounds :-)
> --
> Gert
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