New track - Shimmer

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Sat Mar 14 17:28:00 CET 2015

Nice one Micke,

I have been looking at the Strymon stuff again but also the eventide H9 Max

The H9 seems like a good deal, you get a lot of variety. The caveats vs buying multiple pedals are it can only do one algorithm at a time (though you can get an additional H9 core(cheaper) and share the Max features) and the front controls are more minimal (iOS/computer editor.) Not sure if it makes more sense for me to start buying multiple Strymons, like Big Sky and Timeline or start with the H9 system. Also from my understanding the eventide can do crazier stuff and the Strymons are more on the traditional end.

> On Mar 13, 2015, at 9:21 PM, Mikael Hansson <forums at> wrote:
> Something unusual for me, everything except the drums recorded in realtime, straight to audiotracks :-)
> Gear: Analog 4, Analog Rytm, Evolver, MS-20M, Microwave XT and my latest friend…Strymon Big Sky <>.
> A wonderful reverb, I’ll do some guitar noodling when I got time, you’ll love it :-)
> <>

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