I've been quiet...

Gert van Santen g.vansanten at upcmail.nl
Sat Mar 7 00:47:38 CET 2015

Peter Korsten schreef op 6-3-2015 om 21:42:
> Gert van Santen schreef op 5-3-2015 om 20:48:
>> Just to let you guys know why I've not been around much lately.
>> Saw some awesome threads, but couldn't find the energy and the
>> time to post.
> While I have no experience with the circumstances, I know that
> feeling all too well. Take care: we'll be here for you if you
> need us.

Thanks Romain, Dennis, Peter. It means a lot. It's always good to 
know the bar will be there :-)

I understand that most people get to face this kind of stuff with 
their parents, But whenever it happens, it still seems too sudden 
and too soon, even though my mum and dad are at a "respected" age.



gert van santen

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