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Fri Mar 6 21:55:27 CET 2015

I use my Octatrack for vocal loops over my house and techno Live PA 

While it only has 8 stereo samples, they can be any length and triggered manually too. You do get 4 banks per scene so it's usually more than enough for an hour set, I tend to run through 16 songs using 16 scenes, 1bank per with 4patterns 

Typically I trigger one verse pattern letting the drums loop under the non looping vocal. Then switch patterns to the chorus triggers and engage those. You can set samples to not loop or to repeat ever 32/64/128 as each tracks loop is adjustable. 

It's not the most intuitive piece of kit, but after a bit of planning it works great. I've done four completely different live performances with it. 
It also has 8 midi tracks too and drives other elektron gear with pattern switch messages. It costs as much as a small laptop, but at least you don't have to bring a computer on stage. 

Aviation Parkway

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