phrase sampler options?

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Fri Mar 6 19:21:03 CET 2015

Hey bar crew, I figure someone here might have a suggestion that would

The band I am in has had its singer flake (again) and we need to solve
this.  We are thinking about going with a sampled vocalist as a
replacement, with our trumpet player triggering vocal phrases as needed
from a dedicated device.  

What we need is a not overly expensive dedicated device that can handle
a set worth of vocal phrases which has enough pads or buttons to make it
easy to deal with a song at a time. We will probably go for anywhere
from 4 to 12 phrases per song.

I have looked at the Akai MPC-lite type units but surprisingly (to me)
they seem to be particularly lame 90s tech (small amounts of RAM,
limited numbers of samples, all around underwhelming products).  For
example, the MPX16 can only hold 48M max of samples at a time which I am
not confident will always be enough.  Korg seems to have stopped making
the Microsampler and Boss seems to have stopped making Dr. Sample. 

Any suggestions other than buying an tablet (which I see as a recipe for
failure live)?

Also, anyone know of a text editor for Android that supports text to
speech?  Google Docs does not seem to do this.


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