learning to actually be a musician

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"I’m very curious about what other -bar’ians are doing in this regard, so I hope you guys will also fill in details on this thread .."
Well I've approached things from a sort of traditional way really, for as long as I can remember I've been surrounded by skilled musicians and good music, my grand father was a jive / boogie pianist and my father has been a drummer performing in cover bands  doing everything from earth wind and fire to lenny kravitz.  Because of this I'm a self taught drummer, although not played for a few years due to space constraints and took piano lessons upto grade 4 which aint much but its given me a good theory foundation.  From the age of 14 I learnt to Dj and beat match while working for a large local disco and have been told many times was one of the best from the area (not bad when the likes of Fabio, grooverider, ellis d and carl cox) were the usual local residents.  Thanks to my drumming I was also easily able to turn to playing bass in a college rock cover band.
Dj'ing naturally led into electronic music, specially when it came with a very large amount of cash earnings that could easily be spent on vinyl and studio equipment.  Since then I've  tried the clarinet (not got the lungs for it really) and electric guitar.
So although I'm not seriously skilled I've found a good sprinkling of these disciplines has given a good base to draw on. 
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