See? This is why this shit SUCKS ..

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> > You ever run live video or signal/patch software on stage Jay?
> Live video - yes.  Patch software?  Hell no.

I meant stuff like Reaktor, Max/MSP, PD, Supercollider etc etc

Hell, I've seen CSound gigs that looked like a bloody typing pool :)

> > It can look a lot more like word processing than you'd think.
> .. yeah, but why does it include screenshots of an iDevice home screen in
> the midst of a text document, with a scroll-bar and such .. ?

iOS debugger?
remote view of another screen that he's using as a video element?

I know what you're getting at, but in the end I've decided I don't care
about "really" playing live.

I've seen bands play their instruments live and been incredibly bored.

I've seen Aphex Twin press play once and still deliver an absolutely killer
gig where it didn't matter in the slightest and still felt special and
intimate and connected.

I care about people pretending to play when they're not, but if that's what
Kraftwerk are doing, they've gone to an awful lot of effort building fake
control software.
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