Misplaced Childhood Video

Peter Korsten peter at severity-one.com
Wed Oct 8 22:34:49 CEST 2014

Bill Fox schreef op 8-10-2014 13:25:

> Glad you enjoyed it.  The performance was less than perfect but no one 
> plays that album live in its entirety so the guitar player posted it.

Well, Marillion played it live in its entirety. :)

Interesting performance. I think your singer is struggling a little bit 
with the highs (no doubt due to the age difference between him and Fish 
during the mid eighties), but to my horror I found that I do too... 
There used to be a time that I could keep up with Fish without a problem.

Thanks for sharing the video. It's always nice to see what mischief 
Music Bar-ians are up to in their free time.

- Peter

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