Topless monomachine

Andrew Tarpinian andrewtarpinian at
Wed Apr 9 22:41:53 CEST 2014

If your monomachine stops working, apparently you just need to take it apart, unplug and then re-plug everything in again. Then it will work. For now, fingers crossed.

I also want to replace the battery(you can’t see it, it’s on a board under this UI board.) Looking for a little help. It is solidly stuck to a metal bracket which is then soldered to the board. Wondering if the battery is most likely soldered to the bracket? (It’s hard for me to tell, don’t know much about this stuff) If so does it make sense to unsolder the bracket from the board first, change the battery then re-attach? or just try to replace the battery without removing the bracket from the board, or something else? Thx

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