Guess what...?

Tony Hardie-Bick EMAIL HIDDEN
Tue Jan 15 19:28:36 CET 2008

Cool Dave! Great news! Best of luck to all three of ya :)

Tony (HB)

Dave S wrote:
> A couple of you already know this, but most of you don't.  It's time to 'fess 
> up and make it public knowledge, because I can keep it quiet no longer:
> All going well, Katy and I will be becoming parents around the end of August!
> We found out on the afternoon of New Year's Eve... imagine that!?!  Crazy!
> A little bit sooner than we were thinking of, but only by 6 months or so.  
> It's one of those happy accidents that life has thrown our way!  We are very 
> excited - albeit still a little bit blown away by the idea.
> We've got a fair few months waiting to let it sink in though!  :-)
> Me "in the club" too... whodathunkit?  I can't wait!
> Cheers,
> ~Dave
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